Autism and Us – Podcast Production

Role: Audio Recordist, Editor, Producer & Composer

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Over 1 in 100 people have some form of Autism and yet awareness of the condition seems to still be fairly limited in general. The podcast Autism and Us aims to open up discussion about the condition, with host Maisie interviewing guests who have family members or friends with Autism.

The result is a heart-warming, informative and often funny show that talks to regular families as well as those in the media spotlight, such as author and comedienne Kathy Lette and TV producer Henry Normal.

I was brought on to provide all technical assistance and production for the series and also composed the music for the show. Maisie and I have traveled around the country to interview the guests, with most recordings done on location at the guest’s homes and carried out with portable kit. You can catch a new episode every Tuesday, here and for more information on Autism, visit